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Accident and health insurance 53,0636321$526 Add to cart
Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping 160,0318721$802 Add to cart
Adhesives and sealants 5,2442891$176 Add to cart
Adjustment and collection services 6,6207322$196 Add to cart
Administration of educational programs 167,9389411$820 Add to cart
Administration of general economic programs 41,0259611$463 Add to cart
Administration of public health programs 97,8029431$660 Add to cart
Administration of social and manpower programs 27,1349441$380 Add to cart
Administration of veterans' affairs 11,5079451$261 Add to cart
Advertising agencies 58,7707311$543 Add to cart
Advertising, nec 11,6317319$262 Add to cart
Agricultural chemicals, nec 6,7242879$198 Add to cart
Air courier services 6,6804513$197 Add to cart
Air transportation, nonscheduled 5,2194522$175 Add to cart
Air transportation, scheduled 12,1554512$266 Add to cart
Air, water, and solid waste management 28,3199511$387 Add to cart
Aircraft 14,7713721$290 Add to cart
Aircraft engines and engine parts 18,4533724$323 Add to cart
Aircraft parts and equipment, nec 21,7003728$347 Add to cart
Airports, flying fields, and services 10,4034581$251 Add to cart
Amusement and recreation, nec 20,0207999$337 Add to cart
Analytical instruments 18,2163826$321 Add to cart
Apartment building operators 16,5126513$306 Add to cart
Architectural services 39,6778712$455 Add to cart
Auto and home supply stores 17,5745531$315 Add to cart
Automobiles and other motor vehicles 11,6245012$262 Add to cart
Bank holding companies 5,3136712$177 Add to cart
Beauty shops 8,3057231$222 Add to cart
Biological products, except diagnostic 21,0652836$343 Add to cart
Blast furnaces and steel mills 8,3533312$222 Add to cart
Book publishing 30,0622731$397 Add to cart
Book stores 24,9545942$367 Add to cart
Bookbinding and related work 5,0722789$173 Add to cart
Books, periodicals, and newspapers 6,0115192$187 Add to cart
Bottled and canned soft drinks 6,2942086$191 Add to cart
Bread, cake, and related products 6,8452051$200 Add to cart
Brick, stone, and related material 5,6475032$182 Add to cart
Building maintenance services, nec 10,0947349$248 Add to cart
Business and secretarial schools 21,1128244$344 Add to cart
Business associations 63,5298611$558 Add to cart
Business consulting, nec 113,0438748$696 Add to cart
Business services, nec 192,2167389$874 Add to cart
Cable and other pay television services 40,6724841$461 Add to cart
Canned fruits and specialties 6,7862033$199 Add to cart
Catalog and mail-order houses 28,1555961$386 Add to cart
Cheese; natural and processed 5,6752022$182 Add to cart
Chemical preparations, nec 14,4432899$287 Add to cart
Chemicals and allied products, nec 16,3195169$304 Add to cart
Child day care services 35,6898351$431 Add to cart
Civic and social associations 37,9978641$445 Add to cart
Colleges and universities 1,239,3448221$3,231 Add to cart
Commercial art and graphic design 18,2387336$321 Add to cart
Commercial banks, nec 11,6866029$262 Add to cart
Commercial equipment, nec 8,3315046$222 Add to cart
Commercial nonphysical research 41,1108732$464 Add to cart
Commercial physical research 71,3088731$581 Add to cart
Commercial printing, lithographic 39,1752752$452 Add to cart
Commercial printing, nec 20,9802759$343 Add to cart
Commodity contracts brokers, dealers 14,4046221$287 Add to cart
Communication services, nec 15,3234899$295 Add to cart
Communications equipment, nec 6,4943669$194 Add to cart
Computer and software stores 38,0305734$445 Add to cart
Computer facilities management 10,3257376$250 Add to cart
Computer integrated systems design 96,8717373$658 Add to cart
Computer maintenance and repair 19,7907378$335 Add to cart
Computer peripheral equipment, nec 44,2533577$483 Add to cart
Computer related services, nec 120,6817379$714 Add to cart
Computer storage devices 37,6633572$443 Add to cart
Computer terminals 11,8223575$263 Add to cart
Computers, peripherals, and software 69,0905045$574 Add to cart
Concrete products, nec 5,5353272$180 Add to cart
Construction and mining machinery 9,4085082$238 Add to cart
Construction machinery 9,4033531$238 Add to cart
Correctional institutions 5,7909223$184 Add to cart
Corrugated and solid fiber boxes 7,5022653$210 Add to cart
Courts 16,6029211$306 Add to cart
Credit reporting services 7,0817323$203 Add to cart
Crude petroleum and natural gas 28,8451311$390 Add to cart
Current-carrying wiring devices 9,3623643$237 Add to cart
Custom computer programming services 210,6557371$916 Add to cart
Data processing and preparation 73,3237374$587 Add to cart
Data processing schools 15,8748243$300 Add to cart
Department stores 21,4475311$346 Add to cart
Detective and armored car services 11,9387381$264 Add to cart
Diagnostic substances 19,1042835$329 Add to cart
Direct mail advertising services 16,7607331$308 Add to cart
Drinking places 13,7065813$280 Add to cart
Drug stores and proprietary stores 17,8365912$318 Add to cart
Drugs, proprietaries, and sundries 28,0275122$385 Add to cart
Durable goods, nec 9,6245099$241 Add to cart
Eating places 85,2175812$623 Add to cart
Electric services 58,5534911$543 Add to cart
Electrical apparatus and equipment 28,4325063$388 Add to cart
Electrical appliances, television and radio 8,3505064$222 Add to cart
Electrical equipment and supplies, nec 13,6633699$280 Add to cart
Electrical repair shops 13,4007629$278 Add to cart
Electrical work 37,9381731$445 Add to cart
Electromedical equipment 26,0153845$373 Add to cart
Electronic components, nec 18,0423679$319 Add to cart
Electronic computers 31,5993571$407 Add to cart
Electronic parts and equipment, nec 45,8045065$492 Add to cart
Elementary and secondary schools 702,5038211$2,023 Add to cart
Employment agencies 55,8337361$534 Add to cart
Engineering services 120,1148711$712 Add to cart
Entertainers and entertainment groups 9,7977929$244 Add to cart
Environmental controls 6,1963822$190 Add to cart
Equipment rental and leasing, nec 22,0537359$349 Add to cart
Executive offices 202,4709111$898 Add to cart
Fabricated plate work (boiler shop) 9,6423443$242 Add to cart
Fabricated rubber products, nec 5,9823069$187 Add to cart
Fabricated structural metal 8,4543441$224 Add to cart
Facilities support services 6,1818744$190 Add to cart
Family clothing stores 7,5585651$210 Add to cart
Farm machinery and equipment 6,1533523$189 Add to cart
Farm supplies 8,0365191$218 Add to cart
Federal and federally sponsored credit 7,5266111$210 Add to cart
Federal credit unions 17,8976061$318 Add to cart
Federal savings institutions 17,6076035$315 Add to cart
Finance, taxation, and monetary policy 18,2369311$321 Add to cart
Fire protection 7,4089224$208 Add to cart
Fire, marine, and casualty insurance 51,9446331$523 Add to cart
Flavoring extracts and syrups, nec 6,8352087$200 Add to cart
Fluid power pumps and motors 5,4593594$179 Add to cart
Food preparations, nec 10,2372099$249 Add to cart
Freight transportation arrangement 22,3294731$351 Add to cart
Functions related to depository banking 8,6776099$227 Add to cart
Furniture 9,4585021$239 Add to cart
Furniture and fixtures, nec 5,0192599$172 Add to cart
Furniture stores 12,8175712$272 Add to cart
Games, toys, and children's vehicles 16,0593944$302 Add to cart
Gasoline service stations 18,4535541$323 Add to cart
General automotive repair shops 14,2907538$286 Add to cart
General government, nec 53,1379199$526 Add to cart
General industrial machinery, 7,4963569$209 Add to cart
General medical and surgical hospitals 227,8728062$955 Add to cart
General warehousing and storage 14,8284225$290 Add to cart
Gift, novelty, and souvenir shop 16,1575947$302 Add to cart
Groceries and related products, nec 17,1325149$311 Add to cart
Groceries, general line 14,7595141$290 Add to cart
Grocery stores 41,8915411$468 Add to cart
Guided missiles and space vehicles 14,1043761$284 Add to cart
Hardware 8,2685072$221 Add to cart
Hardware stores 8,0605251$218 Add to cart
Hardware, nec 5,9063429$186 Add to cart
Health and allied services, nec 20,4858099$340 Add to cart
Heavy construction equipment rental 6,4487353$194 Add to cart
Heavy construction, nec 13,4781629$278 Add to cart
Help supply services 36,3887363$435 Add to cart
Highway and street construction 12,6931611$271 Add to cart
Hobby, toy, and game shops 5,7025945$183 Add to cart
Holding companies, nec 12,2636719$267 Add to cart
Home health care services 27,0908082$380 Add to cart
Homefurnishings 7,1265023$204 Add to cart
Hospital and medical service plans 42,9526324$475 Add to cart
Hotels and motels 59,2377011$545 Add to cart
Household appliance stores 5,9745722$187 Add to cart
Household audio and video equipment 6,3913651$193 Add to cart
Individual and family services 65,4048322$563 Add to cart
Industrial and personal service paper 6,7765113$199 Add to cart
Industrial buildings and warehouses 19,2551541$330 Add to cart
Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec 13,5822819$279 Add to cart
Industrial machinery and equipment 44,9615084$487 Add to cart
Industrial machinery, nec 18,0583599$320 Add to cart
Industrial organic chemicals, nec 16,4932869$305 Add to cart
Industrial supplies 22,4455085$352 Add to cart
Industrial valves 5,9973491$187 Add to cart
Information retrieval services 43,4917375$478 Add to cart
Instruments to measure electricity 15,8623825$300 Add to cart
Insurance agents, brokers, and service 123,2986411$719 Add to cart
Intermediate care facilities 7,6128052$211 Add to cart
Internal combustion engines, nec 6,1243519$189 Add to cart
International affairs 5,1689721$175 Add to cart
Investment advice 93,9356282$649 Add to cart
Investment offices, nec 9,1626726$234 Add to cart
Investors, nec 26,8246799$378 Add to cart
Jewelry stores 6,3145944$192 Add to cart
Job training and related services 18,0538331$319 Add to cart
Junior colleges 225,7078222$950 Add to cart
Labor organizations 7,0358631$203 Add to cart
Laboratory apparatus and furniture 5,0893821$173 Add to cart
Land, mineral, and wildlife conservation 29,3119512$393 Add to cart
Landscape counseling and planning 6,0060781$187 Add to cart
Lawn and garden services 6,8770782$200 Add to cart
Legal counsel and prosecution 7,1899222$205 Add to cart
Legal services 325,1308111$1,174 Add to cart
Legislative bodies 21,6269121$347 Add to cart
Libraries 25,2888231$369 Add to cart
Life insurance 58,6106311$543 Add to cart
Loan brokers 27,4996163$382 Add to cart
Local and suburban transit 5,3324111$177 Add to cart
Local passenger transportation, nec 5,5924119$181 Add to cart
Local trucking, without storage 11,7974212$263 Add to cart
Lumber and other building materials 18,5515211$324 Add to cart
Lumber, plywood, and millwork 13,9495031$283 Add to cart
Machine tool accessories 6,7073545$198 Add to cart
Machine tools, metal cutting type 5,0633541$173 Add to cart
Malt beverages 5,0682082$173 Add to cart
Management consulting services 250,6778742$1,006 Add to cart
Management investment, open-ended 16,3956722$305 Add to cart
Management services 133,4178741$742 Add to cart
Manufacturing industries, nec 9,3873999$238 Add to cart
Measuring and controlling devices, nec 13,2953829$277 Add to cart
Meats and meat products 6,8855147$200 Add to cart
Medical and hospital equipment 31,8555047$408 Add to cart
Medical equipment rental 6,1417352$189 Add to cart
Medical laboratories 18,8718071$327 Add to cart
Medicinals and botanicals 9,4612833$239 Add to cart
Membership organizations, nec 27,8958699$384 Add to cart
Membership sports and recreation clubs 12,4827997$269 Add to cart
Men's and boy's clothing 5,4665136$179 Add to cart
Men's and boy's clothing, nec 6,0242329$187 Add to cart
Men's and boys' clothing stores 8,7115611$228 Add to cart
Metal stampings, nec 9,4573469$239 Add to cart
Metals service centers and offices 12,6665051$271 Add to cart
Millwork 6,1532431$189 Add to cart
Mortgage bankers and correspondents 47,6546162$503 Add to cart
Motion picture and video production 27,8947812$384 Add to cart
Motor vehicle parts and accessories 40,1553714$458 Add to cart
Motor vehicle supplies and new parts 15,7975013$299 Add to cart
Motor vehicles and car bodies 15,8973711$300 Add to cart
Motors and generators 9,0993621$233 Add to cart
Museums and art galleries 19,7358412$335 Add to cart
National commercial banks 95,1866021$653 Add to cart
National security 26,2719711$375 Add to cart
Natural gas distribution 24,6114924$365 Add to cart
Natural gas transmission 10,3954922$251 Add to cart
New and used car dealers 41,7635511$468 Add to cart
News syndicates 7,7777383$214 Add to cart
Newspapers 94,4082711$650 Add to cart
Noncommercial research organizations 51,2378733$521 Add to cart
Nondurable goods, nec 19,3825199$331 Add to cart
Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating 6,0003357$187 Add to cart
Nonresidential building operators 33,3266512$417 Add to cart
Nonresidential construction, nec 40,6441542$461 Add to cart
Nursing and personal care, nec 8,2598059$221 Add to cart
Office equipment 15,5465044$297 Add to cart
Offices and clinics of dentists 6,1888021$190 Add to cart
Offices and clinics of medical doctors 148,1488011$775 Add to cart
Offices of health practitioner 12,0208049$265 Add to cart
Oil and gas exploration services 14,7831382$290 Add to cart
Oil and gas field machinery 5,4513533$179 Add to cart
Oil and gas field services, nec 9,2121389$235 Add to cart
Operative builders 6,2181531$190 Add to cart
Optical instruments and lenses 6,8883827$200 Add to cart
Packaged frozen goods 5,1155142$174 Add to cart
Paints and allied products 8,5762851$226 Add to cart
Paper mills 10,3332621$250 Add to cart
Paper; coated and laminated, nec 6,2762672$191 Add to cart
Passenger car leasing 5,8047515$184 Add to cart
Passenger car rental 7,1637514$204 Add to cart
Patent owners and lessors 37,6476794$443 Add to cart
Pension, health, and welfare funds 10,0246371$247 Add to cart
Periodicals 64,3782721$560 Add to cart
Personal credit institutions 27,7866141$384 Add to cart
Petroleum bulk stations and terminals 5,9435171$186 Add to cart
Petroleum products, nec 13,5625172$279 Add to cart
Petroleum refining 17,7532911$317 Add to cart
Pharmaceutical preparations 104,0882834$676 Add to cart
Photocopying and duplicating services 6,3957334$193 Add to cart
Photographic equipment and supplies 19,4073861$332 Add to cart
Physical fitness facilities 14,5697991$288 Add to cart
Plastics materials and resins 14,9182821$291 Add to cart
Plastics products, nec 27,1603089$380 Add to cart
Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies 10,0035074$247 Add to cart
Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning 25,9471711$373 Add to cart
Police protection 19,3509221$331 Add to cart
Polishes and sanitation goods 8,9552842$231 Add to cart
Poultry slaughtering and processing 5,2542015$176 Add to cart
Prepackaged software 172,6777372$831 Add to cart
Printed circuit boards 9,7993672$244 Add to cart
Process control instruments 17,0313823$310 Add to cart
Professional equipment, nec 7,4115049$208 Add to cart
Professional organizations 47,3858621$501 Add to cart
Psychiatric hospitals 10,1098063$248 Add to cart
Public relations services 30,7858743$402 Add to cart
Pumps and pumping equipment 7,0463561$203 Add to cart
Radio and t.v. communications equipment 46,5743663$496 Add to cart
Radio and television repair 5,2257622$175 Add to cart
Radio broadcasting stations 39,8994832$456 Add to cart
Radio, television, and electronic stores 14,8425731$291 Add to cart
Radio, television, publisher representatives 14,5397313$288 Add to cart
Radiotelephone communication 42,4234812$472 Add to cart
Real estate agents and managers 376,6156531$1,289 Add to cart
Real estate investment trusts 12,7346798$272 Add to cart
Real property lessors, nec 9,6126519$241 Add to cart
Refrigeration and heating equipment 9,4303585$238 Add to cart
Refuse systems 9,9284953$246 Add to cart
Regulation of agricultural marketing 49,3819641$513 Add to cart
Regulation, administration of transportation 41,8709621$468 Add to cart
Regulation, administration of utilities 13,6289631$280 Add to cart
Relays and industrial controls 13,8373625$282 Add to cart
Religious organizations 83,5108661$618 Add to cart
Repair services, nec 30,9217699$403 Add to cart
Residential care 19,2218361$330 Add to cart
Residential construction, nec 9,5371522$240 Add to cart
Retail bakeries 9,2835461$236 Add to cart
Retail nurseries and garden stores 5,2705261$176 Add to cart
Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work 7,3791761$208 Add to cart
Sanitary paper products 9,4482676$239 Add to cart
Sausages and other prepared meats 7,7262013$213 Add to cart
Savings institutions, except federal 26,6936036$377 Add to cart
Schools and educational services 62,4658299$554 Add to cart
Search and navigation equipment 24,9023812$366 Add to cart
Security brokers and dealers 151,8136211$784 Add to cart
Security systems services 14,8757382$291 Add to cart
Semiconductors and related devices 48,0693674$505 Add to cart
Service establishment equipment 7,5345087$210 Add to cart
Service industry machinery, nec 5,9613589$186 Add to cart
Services allied to motion pictures 5,0567819$173 Add to cart
Services, nec 24,6038999$365 Add to cart
Sheet metalwork 12,3063444$268 Add to cart
Shoe stores 9,8225661$244 Add to cart
Short-term business credit 8,3006153$221 Add to cart
Signs and advertising specialties 11,9753993$265 Add to cart
Single-family housing construction 24,9211521$367 Add to cart
Skilled nursing care facilities 35,4848051$430 Add to cart
Social services, nec 28,8158399$390 Add to cart
Space research and technology 8,0119661$217 Add to cart
Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures 9,9953544$247 Add to cart
Special industry machinery, nec 10,6663559$253 Add to cart
Special trade contractors, nec 14,3951799$287 Add to cart
Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric 50,5358069$519 Add to cart
Specialty outpatient clinics, nec 25,0738093$367 Add to cart
Sporting and athletic goods, nec 6,7373949$198 Add to cart
Sporting and recreation goods 6,5685091$196 Add to cart
Sporting goods and bicycle shops 14,8205941$290 Add to cart
Sports clubs, managers, and promoters 16,0657941$302 Add to cart
State commercial banks 98,8786022$664 Add to cart
State credit unions 14,7066062$289 Add to cart
Stationery and office supplies 12,2965112$268 Add to cart
Stationery stores 9,5775943$241 Add to cart
Subdividers and developers, nec 33,9836552$421 Add to cart
Surety insurance 19,6476351$334 Add to cart
Surgical and medical instruments 56,7663841$537 Add to cart
Surgical appliances and supplies 32,7303842$413 Add to cart
Surveying services 8,1328713$219 Add to cart
Switchgear and switchboard apparatus 7,1613613$204 Add to cart
Tax return preparation services 9,2607291$236 Add to cart
Telegraph and other communications 8,6464822$227 Add to cart
Telephone and telegraph apparatus 24,5743661$364 Add to cart
Telephone communication, except radio 124,0994813$721 Add to cart
Television broadcasting stations 49,0134833$511 Add to cart
Testing laboratories 17,8968734$318 Add to cart
Theatrical producers and services 16,8147922$308 Add to cart
Title abstract offices 7,0056541$202 Add to cart
Title insurance 12,5056361$270 Add to cart
Toilet preparations 30,9702844$403 Add to cart
Top and body repair and paint shops 6,4017532$193 Add to cart
Transportation equipment and supplies 8,2875088$221 Add to cart
Travel agencies 17,2134724$312 Add to cart
Truck and bus bodies 8,8263713$229 Add to cart
Truck rental and leasing, without drivers 6,5547513$195 Add to cart
Trucking, except local 27,9934213$385 Add to cart
Trusts, nec 5,3666733$177 Add to cart
Trusts: educational, religious, etc. 10,8776732$255 Add to cart
Turbines and turbine generator sets 9,7933511$244 Add to cart
Typesetting 8,9532791$231 Add to cart
U.S. Postal Service 6,7054311$198 Add to cart
Unsupported plastics film and sheet 7,7533081$213 Add to cart
Used car dealers 9,5085521$240 Add to cart
Used merchandise stores 6,0975932$188 Add to cart
Variety stores 5,0665331$173 Add to cart
Veterinary services, specialties 6,0140742$187 Add to cart
Vocational schools, nec 18,6328249$325 Add to cart
Warm air heating and air conditioning 8,0965075$218 Add to cart
Water supply 7,2234941$205 Add to cart
Water, sewer, and utility lines 8,9621623$231 Add to cart
Women's accessory and specialty stores 8,0655632$218 Add to cart
Women's and children's clothing 6,2455137$191 Add to cart
Women's and misses' outerwear, nec 7,6132339$211 Add to cart
Women's clothing stores 13,8935621$282 Add to cart

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