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Zichron Internet Marketing LLC
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  • None of the businesses in our list are employed by and we cannot make specific referrals nor assist in finding a specific business. All of the contact information we have about these businesses is available via our website search engine. If it cannot be found there, we don't have it.
  • We are not qualified to provide business advice or information on business careers. Instead, we recommend you use our search services to locate the appropriate business for more information on these subjects.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Still not sure? We understand -- it can feel a little risky buying data on the internet. Many of our satisfied customers have told us how they have been "burned" in the past with companies and lists far more expensive than ours.

That is why we offer a no risk, "no questions asked," satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee our lists to be 95% accurate. If your marketing campaign, whether by direct mail, phone, fax, or email is more than 5% undeliverable, we will provide a prorated refund by issuing an immediate credit to your credit card. No questions asked. In the unlikely event you are disppointed with your list, you will not be disappointed with our customer support.

If you need to talk to someone to answer any final questions before completing your purchase, please call our toll-free number at 877-485-5044.

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15105-D John J. Delaney Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28277
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