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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your list quality guarantee?
The data is guaranteed to be 95% accurate. If you receive "undeliverables" (bad address, phone, fax, or email) exceeding 5%, I will refund your purchase on a pro-rated basis.
How do you collect your data?
Shhhh... that's a trade secret. Seriously, I collect all data myself from primary sources. A primary source is an organization that gets its information directly from the agent. That is why my data is as accurate as can be. I do NOT obtain from other data aggregators unless it a trusted person who has access to a source I do not have access to.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes, there are two ways you can sample our data.

First, you can download a free sample of up to 100 records for any specified state and SIC Code. Perfect for a small test run.

Second, you can also use my customized database to create, purchase, and download a smaller, less expensive list to test before purchasing a larger list. Not free, but another great way to run a test before investing in a full list.

AND if you later decide to purchase a larger list, of which the smaller list is a subset, I will give you a full-credit towards the purchase of the larger list. Likewise, if you purchase a state or metro area list, you can upgrade to the complete national list for the difference in price.

All of these are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable doing business with me. Try 'em all.
What kinds of business contact databases do I sell?
I have over 1 million businesses with 10 million contacts with direct email addresses across all industry classifications. The National Database has been divided into 439 industry classifications (SIC Codes) with 5000 contacts or more.

The complete list has been divided into state and metro area subsets and you can also create a completely customized list.
What data is included in the lists?
I have without doubt the most comprehensive set of data for real estate agents in the world. Up to THIRTY FIVE pieces of information! Including home address and cell phone number! Here's the list...

  • Contact Name (Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix)
  • Job Category
  • Job Level
  • Job Title
  • Gender
  • Direct Phone
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Street Address, City, State, Zip
  • Mailing Address, City, State, Zip, Carrier Route, Delivery Point
  • Latitude, Longitude
  • County
  • MSA
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • CEO (full name, gender, title)
  • Employee Size
  • Sales Volume
  • Year Started
  • Tax ID
  • Incorporation Date
  • SIC Code and Description 1
  • SIC Code and Description 2
  • SIC Code and Description 3
  • NAICS Code and Description


How soon do I get my list after I buy?
Immediately. On your order confirmation page you'll get a download link. You'll have your list within seconds of purchasing it.

You will also receive an email with download instructions if you wish to download later.
What format will my list be in?
All lists (national, state, metro and customized databases) are in Excel CSV format.

All files are compressed in a Zip format for faster downloading.
I can't open or view the database I purchased. Why?
Our databases are compressed in a "zip" format. This is a very common file type on the internet that makes the file smaller (usually about 80% smaller!) for faster downloading. You need a Zip program to open the file. Windows and Apple computers have a built in zip/unzip utility and that should work but you can also download a free trial version of WinZip at You do not need to buy it to use it.
I'm having trouble downloading my list, what should I do?
If your download is blocked, please call me. My system is designed to block suspicious transactions but sometimes legitimate transactions get caught in the fraud trap. Don't take it personally. It's just a security precaution.

Sometimes, large files (some of our databases are over 100MB in size) have difficulty getting through firewalls. Try turning off your firewall software before you download. Remember to turn it back on when the download is complete.
Will I get updates? How often? Will I get a discount on updates?
Updates will be done at least twice a year. Existing customers receive ignificant discounts . The discount varies depending on the amount of new data in the update but all previous purchasers of the list will be notified by email when the new list is available.


Are there any restrictions on the use of your databases?
My "terms of use" agreement always appears on the checkout page and is included on your order confirmation email and in your downloaded database zip file.

The most important point is as follows: the purchaser is entitled to use the data repeatedly for marketing or internal purposes but cannot resell the data nor publish it so that non-customers can benefit from the data.

In other words, it's just for you. Use it all you want, but don't let anyone else see it or use it.
Are your email addresses opt-in?
All of our email addresses are what we call "soft" opt-in, in that they were collected from publicly available sources in which the recipient has willingly published their email address. The email addresses are not "hard" opt-in in the sense that the recipient has specifically agreed to have his email address sold by us or has specifically signed up to receive commercial email. Even if the email addresses were "hard" opt-in, the opt-in status is not transferable.
What is the law for sending emails?
The new federal CAN-SPAM law (see FTC Regulations) permits unsolicited commercial emails to be sent if you follow a few simple rules:

1.Your subject line must be an accurate and honest description of the contents of the email
2. Your physical business mailing address must be attached to the body of the email somewhere (usually at the bottom)
3. You must include instructions (preferably a link) to allow the recipient to unsubscribe (i.e. opt-out) from future emails.

However, "spam" should not be an issue for you since you are sending a targeted email concerning a product or service that the recipient might reasonably be interested in. If you clearly identify yourself and your product, then the worst that will likely happen is that the recipient will simply ask to be removed.

Obligatory Disclaimer: If you are in doubt as to the legality of any business activity, including broadcasting emails, you should consult a qualified attorney.
What is the law for sending faxes?
The law for sending faxes is slightly more complicated than for emails. We recommend you read the following FCC document describing the regulation of faxing. As a matter of practice, we have never had a customer complain of legal difficulties resulting from sending faxes using our lists. Again, this is likely because you are not sending "junk"; even if the recipient is not interested in your product or service, at least it was a solicitation related to their profession.

Obligatory Disclaimer: If you are in doubt as to the legality of any business activity, including broadcasting faxes, you should consult a qualified attorney.

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