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Canned fruits and specialties Businesses in South Carolina (SIC Code: 2033)

Search Canned fruits and specialties businesses in South Carolina below and click on on a business name to see details.
Cliffstar Corporation Greer, South Carolina (Greenville County)
Fruits and fruit products, in cans, jars, etc. (SIC Code:203303)
Phone: 864-879-3084
Fax: 864-879-3084
McCall Farms, Inc. Effingham, South Carolina (Florence County)
Vegetables and vegetable products, in cans, jars, etc. (SIC Code:203304)
Phone: 843-662-2223
Fax: 843-662-2223
Piggie Park Enterprises, Inc. West Columbia, South Carolina (Lexington County)
Steak and barbecue restaurants (SIC Code:581208)
Phone: 803-791-5887
Fax: 803-791-5887
Sopakco, Inc. Bennettsville, South Carolina (Marlboro County)
Canned Specialties (SIC Code:203200)
Phone: 843-479-3811
Fax: 843-479-3811