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Search and navigation equipment Businesses in Rhode Island (SIC Code: 3812)

Search Search and navigation equipment businesses in Rhode Island below and click on on a business name to see details.
Farsounder, Inc. Warwick, Rhode Island (Kent County)
Navigational systems and instruments (SIC Code:381203)
Phone: 401-784-6700
Fax: 401-784-6700
Kearflex Engineering Company Inc Warwick, Rhode Island (Kent County)
Aircraft/aerospace flight instruments and guidance systems (SIC Code:381201)
Phone: 401-781-4900
Fax: 401-781-4900
Kvh Industries, Inc. Middletown, Rhode Island (Newport County)
Radio and t.v. communications equipment (SIC Code:366399)
Phone: 401-847-3327
Fax: 401-847-3327
Raytheon Company Portsmouth, Rhode Island (Newport County)
Defense systems and equipment (SIC Code:381205)
Phone: 401-847-8000
Fax: 401-847-8000
Waddington Electronics Inc Cranston, Rhode Island (Providence County)
Relays and industrial controls (SIC Code:362599)
Phone: 401-781-3904
Fax: 401-781-3904