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Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating Businesses in Oregon (SIC Code: 3357)

Search Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating businesses in Oregon below and click on on a business name to see details.
Alcan Corporation Roseburg, Oregon (Douglas County)
Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating (SIC Code:335799)
Phone: 541-672-4200
Fax: 541-672-4200
Arris Group, Inc. Beaverton, Oregon (Washington County)
Telephone And Telegraph Apparatus (SIC Code:366100)
Phone: 503-495-9240
Fax: 503-495-9240
Arrow Electronics, Inc. Hillsboro, Oregon (Washington County)
Electronic parts (SIC Code:506503)
Phone: 503-844-2400
Fax: 503-844-2400
Flextronics Photonics Ppt, Inc. Hillsboro, Oregon (Washington County)
Communication wire (SIC Code:335701)
Murray and Sons Construction LLC Myrtle Creek, Oregon (Douglas County)
Communication wire (SIC Code:335701)
Phone: 360-247-6692
Fax: 360-247-6692
Qcm Inc Keizer, Oregon (Marion County)
Electronic components (SIC Code:367999)
Phone: 503-371-9335
Fax: 503-371-9335